January 16, 2017


What do you mean I can only buy one pair?

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."
-Imelda Marcos

Do You Know What WESA is?

Technically speaking WESA is the Western and English Sales Association. Basically, it is like New York Fashion week but way cooler and with the perfect western vibe. Well let me tell you a little more about what that means to this Boot Babe and all y’all out there. It is the yearly market in Denver where the stores and designers meet up to unveil what the next year in western EVERYTHING will bring to you, the consumer and lover of all things western chic and of course it is first look of all of the boot-tastic fun that you will find on the racks later this year.While this is exciting and oh so much fun, it can be a little daunting. Here is a little guide for how a true Boot Babe sorts this out to find the perfect pair of boots!

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Boots Are Like Diamonds

Let’s start with the concept that for a Boot Babe, boots are like diamonds. They are your best friend and will get you through all of life’s “pies” with a certain air of confidence that only a great pair of boots can bring. So Boot Babes, when buying a diamond there are the 4 C’s. With boots, it is: size, style, color, and leather.  Don’t be intimidated or bedazzled by the WESA pictures. With a little patience and some sage words from the Boot Babe, your perfect pair awaits!


Yep. That my loves is the first step to Boot Babe bliss. Know your size. While I could write an entire article about boot sizing, the best bet is to go try before you buy. Take my advice and spoil yourself. Go to your closest boot retailer and spend some time there. You do not have to spend a dime. Just browse. Get comfortable and try on anything and everything. Walk around in each pair. Try different brands, heel heights, and toe shapes. Feel the different leathers and how they feel on your feet. Heck, even make notes for later. This is your very own personal guide to your fit. This investment of your time will pay for itself time and again. Everyone has a foot shape and size that is unique and ever changing and this is truly the only way to discover what works best for you. With the knowledge you gain from your boot adventure you can then search for your boots online and know with pretty good certainty what size you need.

Ok, so size. If you can’t immediately take a long romantic walk down the boot aisle with yourself or your best friend, what is a gal in need of a boot fix online to do? Stick to your regular size! Yep. It is nothing but a tall tale that snip and pointed toe boots fit smaller because they squish your toes together. Yes, 0 toe, I am looking right at you kid! Indeed the fantastic designers and manufacturers, literally boot architects took that into account when making the boot! Imagine that! Now, how they feel might be different from a wide square or round toe but I pinkie promise that your size does not go up based on the toe shape. What you DO have to watch out for is that sexy high heel boot that may not feel so hot in your size.

If the heel is high it pitches the foot forward and to this Boot Babe, that is no bueno unless you go up about ½ a size. 


Luxurious leather. The material that drives us Boot Babes wild! The color, that amazingly addictive smell, the texture, the ability to mold and decorate it in countless ways matters. Take it from me and unless it is dang near free, buy a leather boot. You want leather because it will mold to your foot. Literally, you and your boots will become one. They will end up fitting you like a glove. Knowing this, realize leather comes from an animal and just like our skin is different not all leather is the same. Even from the same animal, same breed, and dyed from the same dye lot, it is skin and like our skin it will have variations. Your boots will be one of a kind. How the leather holds the dye, how it is veined, how it looks on the pair of boots will vary. This my friends is not a flaw. It is just being honest about what you will get and experience. While the leather is matched to get a pair as close as possible to matching when they are made, in time that can change and there may be subtle differences in your pair but just know that is normal and what makes YOUR pair yours and perfectly unique. As perfect as the sample you saw in a post from WESA or stock photo looks, always know that your pair may be a touch different but that is 100% normal.

Meow!!! ❤

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With this too is what texture or type of skin you want. There are dozens of varieties out there from goat to fish and even kangaroo. From these even the finishes vary. Whew, there are more types of leather than a Boot Babe can shake a stick at. Pretty simply put, if you live in a wet area or need your boots to stand up to the elements, pick one that is not a soft or suede type leather. If you want a boot that you can get muddy, it doesn’t have to be plain. Just consider that tooling is just as fancy as embroidery but it will wear much better over time. If you want boots you can wear to work, embroidered and studded boots are a great choice and they can take you straight from work to Margarita Monday and Taco Tuesday at your favorite watering hole.


Color, ahhh yes. When the WESA posts come out, the boot lust begins. While we all want the boot rainbow and want to be the Imelda Marcos of boots, before taking the glorious leap into buying a pair of boots because they are cool, check your closet. Look at your style and what you already have. Decide what is missing and what new trend you truly love. Keep that in mind when picking a pair to make sure it is a pair you will wear and that will become a wardrobe staple. Look at what color boots will compliment your style and existing clothing so it “fits” your style as well as it fits your foot.

"They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes."
-Imelda Marcos


Well now, that is a personal preference if there ever was one. Some like the 15-18 inch tall boots and some like the shorter booties. Again, just look around online and in your closet and see what works best for you. If in doubt, the traditional 12-13 inch boots are usually a safe bet and are extremely versatile. Along the same lines is toe shape. You have to really find your own favorite and rock it. The snip is the most standard shape though it appears round is making a huge comeback based on the runways and WESA. As for the heel height, this Boot Babe suggests that unless you rock your sky high heels frequently that you skip the high heeled boots your first go round. Stick to a lower or mid height heel to maximize your comfort as well as what you can wear your boots with.


I can’t stress to y’all how important it is to read up on what you are buying instead of going in blind. Good boots ain’t cheap so to me, boots are an investment. If you have your heart set on a pair, look around the internet. Read reviews from people that have that pair because your dream boot may fit a little differently because of how it is made and straight from the horse’s mouth is always your best source of information. Ask your friends and other Boot Babes about the pair you have your heart set on and that will fill that special void in your closet.

Next, choose a retailer that you trust and can love doing business with.  As always, Boots 'n' Rags is that store.  Boot Babes can’t go wrong with a store that is their friend. That goes above and beyond to chase down YOUR special pair and that will drive 5 hours to bring you the special sample sales you love!! Let WESA be your inspiration, the Boot Babe be your guide, and let Boots 'n' Rags make your boot dreams come true!

Love y’all and until next time, let your boots rock your socks!

the Boot Babe