Durango Men's Flying Guitar Short-Sleeve Tee
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Durango Men's Flying Guitar Short-Sleeve Tee Durango Men's Flying Guitar Short-Sleeve Tee

Durango Men's Flying Guitar Short-Sleeve Tee


Whether you favor country music, rock or some other music genre, this is a really cool t-shirt. The Flying Guitar shirt is an obvious choice for anyone who plays, but even if you don't, just having a love of music is enough of a reason to wear this men's shirt. And who doesn't love music?

This short-sleeve shirt also is great for anyone who wears Durango?« boots. After all, it does display the Durango "attitude" catchphrase "?é¼? but more about that in a minute. Let's talk about the guitar!

This shirt is all about the back, that's where the attitude is on display. The charcoal black t-shirt features a red and black guitar with dramatic gray wings swooping up from behind it and stretching up to the shoulders of the men's tee. These are wings with an attitude.

Which brings us back to that Durango catchphrase: "It's not a boot, it's an attitude." Those words appear on a banner across the bottom of the guitar in a font that looks hand-written. Below that is the red Durango logo.

In the background of this scene are black squares that are reminiscent of a volume wave on a digital equalizer. Yeah, we know, this shirt is awesome.

Since the Flying Guitar shirt is so awesome, Durango balanced the back with a more sedate front. The front of this charcoal black tee simply has the red Durango logo.

  • Vendor Item #: LW00071

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